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Flatworld/ Salary: $100,000/year

Sr. C++ Engineer with a DevOps mindset - Fully Remote

Sr. C++ Developer/Architect with a DevOps mindset

Fully Remote ↔️ Work from anywhere! 🌎

💲Salary Range – $100,000/year

Will you enjoy being part of a fully remote “Tiger Team” set to transform a software department (3000 people) quality and development processes?

For one of our largest clients (100K+ people worldwide, and 3000 software developers), we are building a tiger team to join the company as subject matter experts and inject software development best practices. The tiger team will report to the company’s “Head of Software Transformation“.

As a part of the tiger team, you will be studying existing projects and flows and implementing software development best practices:

  • Best in bread Git flows – minimizing the number of active branches across the company and maximizing re-use
  • Setting up  quality gates that ensure that code delivered meets or exceeds the desired quality bar
  • Jenkins based CICD pipelines
  • Unit-testing infrastructure and code-coverage
  • Static code-analysis

This is a six-month approved project that will most likely to turn into a full-time long-term one.

You will 🗺️

  • Review current branching scheme across our different projects
    • We know teams are copying their entire repository over when starting a new project – this is not good
    • Work with the various teams to create a branch consolidation plan, help them create a strategy to cater to all their customers from a single active branch
    • Enforce a no-redundant branching policy and automate this
    • Achieve a 50% reduction in the number of active branches in 2021
  • Rebuild, modernize, stabilize and repair the CI/CD environment
    • CI on main branch
    • Review current status of compiler warnings and static code analysis warnings and set up a strategy to handle those (suppress vs clean-up by the engineering teams)
    • Stabilize CI/CD configuration
    • Rebuild the CI environment using modern standards, facilitate easy reporting
    • Consolidate all Jenkins phases into a coherent view
  • Improve the CI/CD coverage to include testing – Unit tests and Functional tests
    • Include all existing unit test into CI/CD runs
    • Include all available automated tests into CI/CD on main and development branches
    • Complement CI environment with a CD environment on the main branch
    • Complement CI environment with a CD environment on the development branch
    • Integrate tools in CI/CD to facilitate code quality tracking and improvement
  • Simplify the CI/CD environment to minimize redundant steps, branches and merges
    • Any break in CI/CD becomes the team’s highest priority to resolve
    • Additional check ins are not allowed while CI/CD is broken (automate that)
    • Move from a layered branching structure for development, task and release into an industry-standard model of development/release

You’d be a great fit if you ❤️

  • Are a Sr. C++ developer/architect with a passion for DevOps and Software Development best-practices
  • Got 5+ years of experience in software development
  • Experience with Git and Git flows
  • Experience in setting and configuring Jenkins CICD pipelines
  • Experience with Unit Testing harnesses and embedding those into the CI pipeline
  • Experienced with integration and functional testing
  • Used static code analysis in many of your projects
  • Understand how to set up proper quality gates that will ensure the deliverable of high-quality software 
  • Got good conversational and written English

Bonus points if you 🏆

  • Come from embedded C++/systems background
  • Experience as a SW architect
  • Used JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray
  • Hands-on GoogleTest
  • Experience working in a remote environment
  • Experience with Coverty for static code-analysis

Benefits ⛱️

  • Flexible schedule in a fully remote setup 🗓️
  • Possible future position as part of our client 🎯

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