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Sr. Data Engineer - Fully Remote

Sr. Data Engineer

Fully Remote

Salary Range – €60,000-€70,000 per year + Equity

Want to work at a company where Data is the core and not a side product? Want to design and build high volume data infrastructure from scratch? This one is for you!! 

The recent world-wide COVID events taught us that you don’t need to be at the office to be productive. Polar Analytics Co-Founders David and Charbel know that great developers can come from anywhere and work anywhere. Polar Analytics is one of those companies that, from day-one, is being structured as a fully-distributed company. Joining a remote-company will enable you to disconnect from your local constraints of limited workplace offerings and local salary while working for a growing international company. This is a career-move in which you can become a great global developer and not just a great local one.

The role is a full-time-long-term one, where you can work from anywhere!

This is a unique opportunity for a Sr. Data Engineer who is highly proficient in building data infrastructures and ingestion systems to join a fully-distributed, fully-funded startup as the first Data Engineer. All of this while working from home (or anywhere else), earning €60K to €70K/year + meaningful equity based on experience and fit.

Polar Analytic is all about empowering online consumer brands worldwide to grow faster and more profitably. We believe that indie brands are the future of commerce, and we want to help them take over traditional retailers. It starts with Data. Marketing & eCommerce teams currently spend more time pulling reports than generating insights. We are building the first full-stack solution where e-commerce merchants can connect all their marketing data, analyze them and get actionable insights. We are a data-centric company, where data is not a side-product but rather our core value. We founded the company at the beginning of 2020 and already serve 50+ D2C brands worldwide. Our clients are creating the future of e-commerce by building beautiful brands, putting customers at heart, and providing more local and environmentally friendly products, which inspires us every day.

You will

Join Polar Analytics as part of the founding engineering team and as our first Data Engineer. You will work directly with the founders to design and build the system while gradually growing the data engineering team.

  • Take part in the conception and scaling of our data infrastructure (data warehousing, parallel and distributed orchestration, persistency, etc.)
  • Build pipelines for data extraction, processing & loading
  • Design & develop scalable data transformation modules that will be used by our end users
  • Work hand in hand with our tech team to orchestrate data processing tasks and their monitoring in production

You’d be a great fit if you ❤️

  • You are experienced in designing and building scalable ETL infrastructure from scratch
  • You write production-grade Python
  • You are highly proficient with SQL and got experience in performing database optimizations
  • Understand how workflow orchestrators work (ex: Airflow) and how to scale them (Celery, Kubernetes executors, etc.)
  • You thrive in a dynamic and fast-changing environment.
  • You are okay with writing code that doesn’t scale to achieve growth needs
  • Got major cloud provider experience, especially with ETL/Data processing cloud services
  • Can work independently
  • Got good spoken and written English

Bonus points if you 🏆

  • Have experience working in a distributed team(s) environment
  • Have commercial AWS experience
  • Got experience with other big data processing technologies (Spark/Distributed DB/…)
  • Have experience handling data protection & GDPR compliance


  • Distributed & Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Inclusive Work Environment
  • Meaningful equity package (we bring the Silicon Valley mindset and want you to share the success of the company)
  • A remote-first organization with a culture around impact rather than time spent
  • Ownership & Autonomy to build something from the ground-up

Our values

  • Freedom – The best people want and deserve ownership & autonomy
  • Humility – Simple is beautiful
  • Down-to-earth – Data matters. What is measured is improved
  • Ambition – Life is short, let’s run fast

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