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Sr. DevOps Engineer at TDS

TDS provides services and software to accelerate and de-risk the complex, end-to-end process for data center and IT transformations.

The Good Stuff

  • Annual salary:

    $72,000 to $120,000 USD

  • Company Valuation:


  • Engineer team size:


  • Remote Culture:

    Fully Remote

  • Paid time-off (days):

    2 weeks

Required stack

  • AWS

  • K8s

  • Docker

  • Jenkins

  • Linux

  • Ansible

Nice to have

  • Ruby On Rails

  • Git

  • Selenium

  • Puppet

  • Nexus

  • Hiera

  • Bash

Sr. DevOps Engineer at TDS

Recommended timezone: Americas

TDS provides services and software to accelerate and de-risk the complex, end-to-end process for data center and IT transformations.

As a Sr. DevOps Engineer you will:

  • Own (DevOps wise) our data-migration product called TransitionManager built of multiple sub-systems and services interconnected.
  • Be a key member of the TransitionManager Engineering Team, reporting directly to the Director of Engineering.
  • Refactor, re-architect, and innovate to simplify the product's packaging, setup, and installation.
  • Own the TransitionManager's (relatively complex) Puppet-based Installer components, ensuring all are engineered and developed to meet the business, functional, technical, security, and performance requirements.
  • Work closely with the Chief Architect and the Director of Engineering to ensure the correct functionality is built with high quality and delivered promptly.
  • Own our CI Dev and QA Environments (Jenkins) with Docker and K8s, running 15 QA systems on the nightly and E2E Selenium tests.
  • Write engineering-level technical documentation as needed to ensure knowledge of how all the systems work is easily shared amongst the Engineering team and can be used as a baseline for further improvements.

You’ll be a great fit if you:

  • Have 5+ years of commercial experience.
  • Are highly proficient with Puppet or be willing to apply your Ansible knowledge to Puppet and learn Puppet.
  • Have experience using Linux, Kubernetes, Docker and AWS.
  • Have experience with Jenkins and Git/Bitbucket.
  • Have some experience with Bash, and Ruby for Puppet testing (RSpec).
  • Possess qualities of ownershippride in work, independence, initiative, and innovation.
  • Are independent, self-driven, self-motivated, and passionate about engineering and DevOps.
  • Have good conversational and written English to the level that you can write engineering-level technical documentation.

Bonus points if you:

  • Have experience with Nexus and Hiera.
  • Have experience running complex pipelines with E2E Selenium testing (or similar).


  • Daily standup (15min)
  • Weekly Paid 2 week vacation and local holidays 


Work-life balance

  • Flexible hours 
  • L&D budget available

Visa Sponsorship: Not Available

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TDS Cheat Sheet

TDS was founded in 2002 with the goal of accelerating and modernising IT. 

Back in 2002, TDS founders, Mike Bullock and Craig Macfarlane, had a vision to create a new type of company that would focus on empowering businesses to fully discover and map their IT environments, analyze the complexities, and use that insight to improve their collaboration and unlock better and faster pathways to meeting business goals.

Their comprehensive platform enables teams to plan, orchestrate, and analyse complex work faster, smarter, and with greater visibility. Bring machine activity and automation together with human expertise in a unified platform for greater speed, control, visibility, and success.
TDS is recognized as:
One of the recommended vendors in the 2018 Gartner Market Guide for IT Resilience Orchestration
A top 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers by CIOReview
A leading Data Center Solution Provider by CIOReview
A “Cool Vendor” by Gartner
A VMware Technology Alliance Partner

What they are solving:
They are a team of experienced IT professionals and migration consultants who apply a distinctive knowledge of analytics, technology, project, and change management to help each client address their most pressing issues. Their TransitionManager™ software has been certified for VMware Cloud on AWS and adopted by many renowned industry partners, including IBM, VMware, and AWS. They empower IT teams with their software, and help them succeed with their expertise.

Why you'll love working at TDS

The TDS team: 

  • have a corporate culture fostered by excellence, respect, recognition, and continuous improvement. 
  • achieve success for themselves and their customers without compromising their commitment to integrity. Lives depend on what we do.
  • love problem solving, thinking creatively and trying new things
  • is deeply connected to their mission and the impact they have on their clients lives

Team stats

  • Founded In


  • Head Count


  • Engineering team


Team stats

  • Founded In


  • Head Count


  • Engineering team


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