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fast and simple Process to Hire Remote Top Talent to match a company wish-list

We transform the way companies grow

We will dramatically improve your chances to scale & compete by hiring great pre-vetted remote talent, anytime, anywhere, building hyper-performing teams.

Using our Matching algorithm, we optimize the fit between the Candidate’s Remote-ID and the company’s DNA – Driving Companies to Accelerate Business Results. 

Chart source: Remote Work Trends (We Work Remotely) sets a new standard in remote hiring experience:

Access to global top-talent pool​

Job Spec to shortlist of remote candidates in less than 72 hours

Remote driven psychological and technical candidate assessment

On-board crafted hyper-performing fully distributed teams

Candidates love us – Lightweight, transparent, and practical candidate experience

We provide an innovative, fully-automated solution for remote recruiting

Easier and faster to use with higher accuracy, and increased success rate, serving the interest of both the hiring manager and the remote candidate experience

We optimize the Matching between Candidate's Remote-ID and Company's DNA

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We outset with a detailed analysis of the specific job requirements and company’s DNA (Key success factor), tailoring our vetting process to yield high-quality candidates. 

We design and initiate the hiring campaign to attract hundreds of remote applicants to enroll in our innovative screening process, yielding the most relevant and qualified candidates for the job. 

This is a one-click recruitment marketing and vetting process customized for your needs.

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We own an innovative, fully automated remote candidates screening platform. It empowers us to collect extensive data on the remote candidate (Technical skills, English proficiency, Cognitive abilities, Psychological traits, other). We form a ‘Remote ID’ – multi-dimensional representation of the candidate combined with our quality remote insights.

Wide-ranging experience in Remote Work serves us in identifying the top talented remote candidates from the shortlist. We will interview them and make the introduction to our three finalists ‘curated by FlatWorld.Co’

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We are accounted for every placement to be successful, serving as your trusted advisors in the Remote Talent revolution. We will support your company to seize the remote work opportunity by building a Hyper– Performing fully distributed organization. We Provide optional Remote-Work training, ongoing support, Work-process review, and Remote-Work recommendations led by highly experienced professional Remote Work advisors.

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