Going remote

The world is full of great talent!

With Sourcing-as-a-Service you’ll find
pre-vetted global talent that perfectly fits your needs

The demand for talent is continuously increasing, making it harder than ever to locate and attract the talent you need to grow your business.
Don’t limit yourself to local hiring and compromise on skills, costs or time to hire.’s Sourcing-as-a-Service platform is the meeting-point where companies meet pre-vetted global talent.
We will help you find exactly what you are looking for in record time – the best Remote talent,
pre-vetted and within budget.

Chart source: Manpower Group

With Sourcing-as-a-Service Platform:

You will
  • Gain access to a huge global pool of top-talent engineers
  • Use a customized vetting process that best fits your needs
  • Hire the right people in record time
  • Grow your core business organically.
You won’t
  • Struggle with a local resource shortage
  • Compromise on skills or competencies
  • Spend time and budgets on long hiring cycles
  • Compromise your core assets by outsourcing their implementation

Find your great next Talent

Remote Sourcing is challenging and time consuming...
Here is how Sourcing-as-a-Service helps you

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Job Analysis

We analyze your needs:
time-zone, budget, technology stack, experience and challenges to understand what success will look like for you

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Vetting Process Customization

We design a customized screening process based on the job analysis (technical, English proficiency, cognitive, cultural, other)

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We initiate the hiring campaign and screen hundreds of applicants using our tailored automated screening process.
We then interview the top candidates and provide the hiring manager with the top 3-5 candidates

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Legal & Payment

A one-time placement fee or a fully-managed service (legal and monthly payments)

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We want every placement to be successful.
We Provide optional Remote-Work training, ongoing support, Work-process review and recommendations

Our Thorough Vetting Process


Job Analysis

We start with a detailed analysis of the specific job requirements and tailor our detailed vetting process to yield high-quality candidates


Tech Screening

The hundreds of applicants then go through our tailored technical tests that screen and map their capabilities in relation to the specific job requirements


non-Tech screening

Now we screen for the characteristics and skills needed to be a great remote-worker in your company — English, Aptitude, Personality Traits. Everything is automated and tailored to your company’s needs and DNA


FlatWorld Video Interview

After the massive screening phase we aggregate all the accumulated data and interview the relevant candidates while putting ourselves in your shoes – Would we hire this candidate for the specific position?


Take-home exercise

The candidates that we believe are a great fit receive a take-home exercise which represents an actual task performed in the offered position. Their deliverable provide vital information for the hiring manager’s interview with the candidates


Hiring Manager Interview

Pre-designed structured interview questions enable the hiring manager to compare the different short-listed candidates and make a sound hiring decision

Remote Work

Get the best talent out there - anywhere!