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FlatWorld.co transforms the way companies grow

Our Mission.

Recruit remote top talent
to accelerate your business

RemoteWork changes the way companies grow

With RemoteWork, Companies gain access to a vast number of applicants for every open position.

With our fully automated matching process, companies get the best match between the Remote Talent, the job requirements and the company’s DNA, in record time.

Employees are seeking a challenging position that enables them to work with the best people, earning a high cloud-based wage, doing a great job from anywhere while maintaining maximum flexibility, and a balanced work-life integration.


With Remote-Hiring,
gain access to the best Remote Talent,
in record time, with high success rate


FlatWorld.co Matching-as-a-Service
transforms the way companies

We recruit top talent Remote-Workers in a record-time using a fully automatic assessment process:

Screening: We comprise a Candidate Remote-ID by translating an abundance of remote-relevant data including technical proficiency, cognitive abilities, personality traits, language proficiency into RemoteWork Quality Insights 

Matching: we use a unique Matching algorithm to optimize the matching between the Candidate’s Remote-ID and the company’s DNA.

The Faces Behind FlatWorld.co

Meet our team

With more than 40 years of combined experience as Engineering and Operations executives, and first-hand knowledge and experience navigating the complexity and challenges of leading engineering organizations, we realize the opportunities and potential that Remote-Work brings to the software industry. We know how Remote-Work can be used to remove some of the barriers you face so that you can concentrate on what really matters – your business…

We decided to build FlatWorld.co with the engineering manager in mind, eliminating waste from the hiring process and focusing on getting you the best possible talent, and as fast as possible. We will quickly locate, screen and deliver great pre-vetted global talent that exceeds your expectations.

Gilad Bornstein


Gilad, an Engineering and Operations executive for more than 20 years, has vast experience leading and managing technical engineering operations.

In his last position as Senior VP of Engineering at Crossover, Gilad headed the technical recruitment activity in one of the largest, high-paced, Remote-Work companies in the world. Gilad brings unique experience in sourcing and operating a Remote workforce, combined with in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of managing technical organizations.

Ronen Rubinfeld


Ronen, a software executive and consultant, with more than 20 years of experience. In his last role as a Sr. Director, Development Mng & Excellence in CodeValue, an Israeli leading Software Consultancy firm, Ronen focused on modern operational and architectural methods and operational excellence, helping his clients accelerate their business results.

Realizing the importance of following well-defined remote processes and tools to ensure successful adoption of the RemoteWork model, Ronen became an expert in RemoteWork processes and methods. 

Remote Work

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