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FlatWorld.Co transforms the way companies grow​

We understand that the world is changing.
we are entering the Remote era:
Office-less Companies | Flexible employment | Remote-Hyper-Performing Teams.
We are here to optimize your Remote-Hiring process – Faster, Simpler, and Accurate.

With Remote-Hiring, gain access to the best Remote Talent,in record time, with high success rate.


Optimize the matching between Remote Talent and Companies

Remote Global Talent

Using our distinctive fully automated vetting process we point out high-performing talent from the global pools

Remote ID

We Translate an abundance of remote-relevant data to a multi-dimensional representation of the Remote Candidate

Company’s DNA

We optimize the match between Company’s DNA and Remote-Candidate to support engagement and increase success

Hyper Performing Teams

Improve productivity, time to market and competitive advantage by building Remote-Hyper-Performing teams

Meet our team

At FlatWorld.Co, we have experienced at first hand, the benefits that Remote-Work brings to the IT industry. We know how Remote-Work can be used to remove barriers so that you can concentrate on what really matters – your business!

We decided to build FlatWorld.Co with both the hiring manager and candidate in mind, eliminating waste from the hiring process and focusing on getting the best match between great developers and great companies as fast as possible.

Gilad Bornstein

Founder and CEO

Maya Barlev

VP Strategy and CPO


Gilad, has more than 20 years of experience as an Engineering and Operations executive, and first-hand knowledge and experience navigating the complexity and challenges of building and leading remote engineering organizations.

Prior to FlatWorld.Co, as Senior VP of Engineering at Crossover, Gilad headed the technical recruitment activity in one of the largest, high-paced, Remote-Work companies in the world. Gilad brings unique experience in sourcing and operating a Remote workforce, combined with in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of managing technical organizations.

Maya Barlev

VP Strategy and CPO

Maya Barlev

Maya, Org & Occupational psychologist. Strategy and Business Development Executive with 20+ years of experience in Human Capital top management consulting & organizational transformation across industries. Expert in the development and execution of growth initiatives & go to market strategy. Former HC practice leader at Deloitte Israel Consulting firm, experts in the future of work & workforce transformation. Passionate about bridging psychology & cutting-edge technology to transform people’s life.

Remote Work

Get the best talent out there - anywhere!