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Get curated, interview-ready high quality candidates in your inbox at a fraction of the cost of an agency with unprecedented speed.

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Crowdsourced recruiters
at scale

Let our AI orchestrate your remote talent search across a network of hundreds of recruiters.

Name your own price

Set your own bounty and guarantee the best remote candidates without overspending.

One-stop shop for all of your hiring needs

We got you covered.
Fill any remote role within any industry, vertical and geo.

Local and cross-border

Scale remotely now.
Our powerful AI matches your roles with the best-fitting recruiters anywhere.

An unlimited stream of curated candidates

Access a stream of curated remote talent beyond your reach. Stop wasting time sifting through spam candidates.

A scalable model for any company size and hiring volume

Find one candidate or fifty, our scalable transparent process will reduce the time and effort to make a hire.

How it works


Open a role, set your bounty fee, and join a 30-minute intake meeting with our CTO.


Recruiting Crowdsourcing

Our AI will line up hundreds of recruiters on the starting line, waiting to find the most likely candidate to get hired.


Automated Curation

Based on your desired volume, our platform will deliver relevant curated candidates directly to your inbox.



Hire high-performing remote-fit talent who will support your growth and business goals over time.

Discover why our clients
keep coming back

“From the first moment, this collaboration has been fantastic. We are recruiting through five channels, and Flatworld is our most successful recruiting channel by far”

Merissa Silk

COO / CPO - Fundingport

“Adding the Latin America contingency opened up a new chapter for us. Flatworld is my premier partner with which I can grow and develop a long sustainable relationship, and I appreciate and trust its vetting process”

Ian Schwartz

COO - Cherre

“We had a pipeline problem. The overall quality of the organic application wasn't good enough. Flatworld succeeded where no one else did. Genuinely evaluating the candidates, they are sending us high-quality applicants”

Yaron Lavi

CTO - Deel


Trust us and join our valued clients

Join 100s of companies, recruiters, and candidates who love and trust Flatworld.
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